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For almost 25 years, TGC Homes has been a full service residential remodeling company that produces outstanding construction results, utilizes quality-trained craftsman and provides excellent service after project completion

About us

TGC Homes, a division of Tomas General Construction Ltd. has been in business since 1990. We are a full service residential remodeling company that produces outstanding construction results, utilizes quality trained craftsman and provides excellent service after the sale.


TGC Homes offers custom home remodeling interior and exterior renovations as well as landscaping and stone work. We also specialize in first and second story home additions and making your addition look as if it were part of your original house.

Project galleries

Enjoy our past project galleries below. These galleries will give you a sense of the type of work we do on a daily basis. If any of the below images show the type of work your home needs done then you came to the right place.

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Are you interested in making your house more energy efficient, adding a beautiful design element, and never having to replace your roof again? Look no further then the Metal Roof.

  With beautiful styles now imitating the look of stone and clay, metal roofing is the way to go when upgrading your roof. Residential metal roofing is a fast growing segment in home improvement. The benefits offered are huge. While other roofs quickly diminish in value as they age, metal roofs provide the following lasting benefits:   Proven performance expectation of 50+ years Beautiful styles to match any home or neighborhood Interlocking panels for maximum wind resistance Fire resistance Energy efficiency by keeping homes cooler Low weight to help...

Helpful Home Survival Tips for the Canadian Winter

Here are 5 helpful tips to keep your home in good condition, you heating bills low and you family cozy and warm during our Canadian winters: 1. Make sure you have enough insulation in the attic. The minimum recommended insulation is R50. 2. Keep your home temperatures at 16 degrees celsius minimum even when traveling. This will keep the structure of your home in good condition as well its contents. It will also help prevent your pipes from freezing. 3. Save money by properly insulating all windows and doors....

Beautify Your Deck

Everyone loves outdoor parties in the summer, especially when held on a beautiful new deck. A deck does look perfect when new, but you can keep it looking like that year after year with proper maintenance. Without it, your natural wood deck will crack and get dry, looking much older then it is. Many people debate between cedar, which is less expensive but requires maintenance and composite, which is more expensive but requires little maintenance. In the end, the reason people go with cedar is because of it natural...

Dont Forget the Waterproofing

One of the common mistakes we see when we get called to estimate the cost of repairing a flooded basement, is that clients spend thousands of dollars remodeling their home exterior but do not water poof their basements prior to doing so. Many older homes in Toronto do not have the infrastructure to handle the heavy sudden rain we have been seeing in recent years and if the home does not have a back flow preventer in place or better yet a basement that is fully water proofed, the...

Be Prepared

As the sun finally starts coming out and springtime approaches that is when people usually begin to think seriously about renovating their home. Whether it is upgrading the back deck to host those evening summer parties or remodeling your kitchen to be the way you have always dreamed, its during the early spring months that homeowners begin reaching out to qualified professionals. Spring is also the season when contractors are busiest and entering their peak season. If you are only calling for an estimate in April or May, chances...

Welcome to the New TGCHomes.com

We have just launched our new website and are very glad that you stopped by. Feel free to subscribe to our blog in order to stay in touch and receive the most up to date information on the world of home remodeling and relevant construction...